🚫 I Quit

Overcoming toxic and self-deprecating habits takes time and requires consistent action and self-awareness. I will always be a work in progress but there are a few habits I’ve kicked that have helped me feel stronger and healthier both physically and mentally.

I no longer weigh myself or put any sense of “worth” towards numbers on a scale. I measure progress through things like strength, endurance & mobility gains, quality of sleep, stress and energy levels.

Fad diets have never been my thing but for many years (during and post competition days) certain foods brought on feelings of guilt or shame and calorie/macro counting was a daily chore. I now eat intuitively, in moderation and without restriction. I see food as both fuel and enjoyment

I used to think that unless I felt like I was about to throw up – I wasn’t training hard enough. This led to exhaustion, injury and hormone imbalances. I now embrace recovery and rest days knowing that my body needs time to heal and repair to become stronger. A training routine that includes rest, stretching and mobility is a routine, that for me, is effective and sustainable long term.

Comparison is not only the thief of joy it also forces us to pile unrealistic and unattainable expectations on ourselves. My body, my mental health, and my goals are my own and I will only become the best version of ME by experimenting, learning and growing based specifically on what works and feels right for my body and mind.

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